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CarlinKit 5.0 2Air Portable Android Auto CarPlay Wireless Adapter Mini USB Dongle 5.0Ghz WiFi BT Auto-connect Online Upgrade Box

CarlinKit 5.0 2Air Portable Android Auto CarPlay Wireless Adapter Mini USB Dongle 5.0Ghz WiFi BT Auto-connect Online Upgrade Box

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New Release CPC200-2Air - CarPlay Adroid Auto Wireless Adapter

CarlinKit 2air newest wireless car adapter for android auto and CarPlay. It can convert wired Android auto or wired Apple CarPlay to wirelessly.

seamlessly switching the functions of your phone to your car screen.easy to play music, get navigation, or listen to music,it also support Voice Control, Siri,Google Assistant etc.

Product Feature

⭐Plug and play, non-inductive connection, say goodbye to wired constraints

⭐Wireless Automatic Connection,After completing the initial pairing, 2Air will record your phone data and automatically connect to your Smart phone the next time you get in the car.

⭐Low power consumption design ensures that the product can run stably in different environments.

⭐Adopt authentication and 5.0~5.8Ghz data transmission , data transmission speed faster and low latency

⭐Support OTA upgrade, online feedback, solve problems quickly

⭐Compatible with the original car microphone, continue the original car sound quality,Retain the original car operation,such as touch screen ,steering wheel control and knob control etc.

⭐ Wide Compatibility,Support iPhone with iOS 10 or above or Android phone with Android 11 or above system, iphone work for wireless CarPlay ,Android phone work for Android auto

⭐Mini size,Does not take up space and is easy to hide

Supported Mobile Phones & Vehicles

Supported car models: Car with original wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto function

iPhone: iPhone 6 and above, iOS 10 and above version
Android phones: support Android 11.0 and above version

Plug and Play ,Easy to Use

Just simple 3 steps, After the first setup, our adapter will automatically activate the Android Auto or CarPlay wireless connection every time the car starts. Enjoy setup it up once and for all.

Non-inductive automatic connection

Automatically identify the connection and enter the carplay or Android auto navigation system, making travel one step faster

5.8Ghz transmission rate, faster and more stable

Adopt 5.8Ghz wireless module, less susceptible to interference, faster mobile phone connection ,Support dual-band wifi connection, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz wifi all can be used

Non-destructive upgrade

Retain all the functions of the original car, no need to change driving habits, travel safer

Only 3 steps to complete the connection

①Insert the adapter into the car's USB port

②Open WiFi and Bluetooth on iPhone/Android phone,enter the Bluetooth interface of the iPhone/Android phone, connect the Bluetooth signal of the product: Autokit_xxx.

③Once the Bluetooth connection is complete,just wait for the car to automatically connect to wireless CarPlay/wireless Android Auto

Support Online upgrade and feedback

①Insert the adapter into the car’s USB port
②iPhone/Android phone connected to product WiFi
③Enter with the browser that comes with your iPhone/Android phone to enter the background.Click"Check Update"
④Click"Feedback"Send the screenshot of the contents to customer service

*(Note: please make sure your phone is connected to the mobile network)

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